NetNewsWire 5.0d7

Check for updates, or download the latest build.


Multiple significant performance improvements that will be especially noticeable with high feed counts.

Sidebar: Delete command now in contextual menu and in gear menu.

Sidebar: scrolls to show feed or folder, when needed, when going to the next unread article.

Timeline: contextual menu command to select feed in sidebar.

Detail view: fixed — at least mostly — an issue where the detail view’s web view might flash white while in dark mode.

Detail view: give URL status bar a dark background color when in Dark Mode.

Sharing: sort articles by publication date on sharing.

Sharing: set email subject when sharing to Mail.

Window title now reflects sidebar selection. (Which will only be noticeable in the Window menu, but will be meaningful when we add support for tabs.)

Dock icon menu now includes Refresh command.

Subscriptions are now stored as an OPML file instead of a plist, which means you don’t even have to export to OPML to get an OPML version of your feeds. Feed metadata is now stored in Settings.odb.

Toolbar: Mark As Read toggles back and forth between states.

Feed Directory: Add to Feeds button now works, though we want to revisit the UI.