NetNewsWire 5.0a1

You can check for updates (if you’re running NetNewsWire) or download the latest build.


Alpha One! OMG.

This means it has no known bugs. It surely does have bugs, though. Now it’s time for testing. (And writing the Help book. And making the website better.)

New app icon! But it might take a while for your Mac to notice and put in the Dock. (I wish we could speed that up, but it’s out of our control.)

Fixed a crashing bug with parsing a response from Feedbin. (Totally our fault, not Feedbin’s fault.)

Fixed several bugs with Feedbin syncing — it’s now more reliable. (We know of no remaining sync bugs, though of course there might be some.)

Show avatars from feeds with multiple authors (such as your personal timeline feed).

Made OPML import to the On My Mac account way faster.

The Today smart feed now updates when the day changes.

You can now drag and drop in the sidebar between accounts.

Made the default file name for OPML exports “Subscriptions-[accountName].opml”

Add explanation text to Account preferences for the Name field. (It’s just a display name and doesn’t affect authentication.)

Added a placeholder web page for the Help book.