NetNewsWire 5.0.1

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Changes since 5.0

Crash fix: when the app is renamed or moved on disk while running, alert the user and quit the app. This prevents crashes that will happen due to renaming/moving. See Daniel Jalkut on App Movement Monitoring for more info.

(Probably) fix a crashing bug having to do with a callback being called more than once, when it was designed to be called just once.

Sidebar: deleting an empty Feedbin folder no longer makes the sidebar non-responsive.

Timeline: update UI more quickly when a feed icon is downloaded.

Timeline: reload the timeline when show-feed-names is toggled. This fixes a bug where switching between a folder and a feed with the exact same list of articles to appear in the timeline would result in display glitches.

Timeline and article pane: make sure the link for an article isn’t an empty string.

Article pane: stop blocking links containing the string “feedburner” — there are legitimate cases where that string appears.

Article pane: handle figures and iframes as we do images, so they fit in the view.

Article pane: fix white flash on first article load while in Dark Mode.

Preferences > General: add checkbox to hide the unread count in the Dock.

Preferences > Accounts: Updated the UI when a Feedbin user with an expired trial creates an account in NetNewsWire.

RSS parser: Detect RDF (RSS 1.0) feeds that lack an XML header.

RSS parser: Parse Atom-style dates that are missing a T character in the middle.

RSS parser: check for bad permalinks more aggressively. If they don’t contain a / character, then do not consider them permalinks.

RSS parser: don’t let author/title overwrite item/title.

About window: add link to NetNewsWire website.

Feedbin syncing: fixed a bug where starred articles could appear as unread.

Microblog Mac app sharing: when it has to launch the app first, it waits a little longer before sending it content, which should fix a bug where sometimes you get no content in that case.

Enable the Open in Browser command only when a single article is selected.