NetNewsWire 5.0 for iOS: New Public TestFlight (Build 27)

If you haven’t signed up for testing, see this page for instructions.

Changes since the last build — which was just three days ago:

  • Crash fix: going to a feed with a collapsed folder will no longer crash.
  • Crash fix: fixed a crash where going to the article view could crash if some tap zone constraints weren’t set up.
  • Crash fix: fixed a crash where new timelines could sometimes crash the app.
  • Crash fix: fixed crash that could happen if you choose to show Reader view but then navigate away before the Reader view is ready.
  • Accessibility text for action button is now “Share.”
  • Accessibility: change accessibility text as needed for buttons that change state.
  • Feeds, Timeline: Filter button is now at upper-right.
  • Feeds, Timeline: update the last update text every 60 seconds.
  • VoiceOver, Timeline: say the feed name first.
  • Timeline: indicate to accessibility that the header is tappable (when it’s tappable).
  • Timeline: Mark Above as Read and Mark Below as Read will appear in the context menu only when there are articles to mark read.
  • Timeline: fixed bug where a feed with a title like NYT > Science could appear as NYT > Science, because XML is a pain in our lives forever.
  • Article view: don’t let the feed icon shrink when the byline is large.
  • Feedbin: the Pages icon easy to see in Dark Mode.
  • Plus size iPhones now exit fullscreen when rotated to landscape.
  • Fullscreen context menu preview is no longer mangled when in landscape.
  • Fixed bug where “Show Articles in Full Screen” toggle could crop when rotating on iPhone SE.
  • Share/Activity sheet now has an Open in Safari action.
  • Image zoom title: add material behind the title label — the XKCD thingy — so it can be read regardless of the image behind it.
  • Adding feeds via the share extension: dismiss the extension first, then find the feed in the background afterward, to eliminate the UI delay.
  • Settings: fixed an alignment issue in the timeline section.
  • Rename feed: prepopulate text with the current feed name.