NetNewsWire 5.0 for iOS: New Public TestFlight (Build 31)

If you haven’t signed up for testing, see this page for instructions.

This build is mainly about fixing bugs in the article view. Changes since the last build (two days ago):

  • Feeds: fixed bug where sometimes the Today unread count didn’t display
  • Article view: fixed bug where going to next-unread wouldn’t reset the scroll position to the top
  • Article view: fixed bug where the view wouldn’t always full update when switching to another article
  • Article view: fixed bug where the incorrect feed icon could appear in the upper-right
  • Article view: fixed bug with the resolution of the Reader view icon (when it’s animating)
  • Article view: made the blockquote border less prominent (lowered its opacity to 0.75)
  • Article view: fixed bug on iPad where an article might continue to display when nothing is selected in the timeline
  • Article view: fixed bug where, after clicking the title to open a page, the title might be underlined on subsequent articles
  • Add account view: fixed bug where the table cells weren’t properly vibrant