Building NetNewsWire with a Free Developer Account

Maurice Parker just updated NetNewsWire and our build instructions so that you can build the app more easily.

And, importantly, you don’t need a paid developer account. (You do still need a free developer account, yes.)

If you’re just curious about the app, or want to see if there’s something you can learn from it, that’s totally cool. If you think you might want to use some of the code in your own app, that’s totally cool too.

But if you think you might want to contribute, that’s awesome! We welcome everybody. If you’re a long-time app developer, that’s great — but we’d also love to have contributors who are brand-new to app development. (Even people who are new to coding!)

If you think you might be interested, read our page on contributing, which includes our code of conduct, then join the Slack group and get on the #work channel and say hello. Easy as that. 🐥