NetNewsWire 5.0.4 for Mac Released

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Changes since 5.0.3

Performance enhancement: fetching articles is faster and uses less memory

Changed the retention policy to match iOS

Feeds view: fixed bug where multiple sequential deletes could mess up the current selection index

Article view: dealt with Twitter change that caused Twitter embeds to get cut off

Article view: properly size emojis that are actually graphics (from Wordpress, for instance)

Article view: stop playing any audio if the window is closed

Article view: don’t let line lengths get too long

Article view: fixed display of BandCamp widgets

OPML export: use an accessory view instead of an intermediate sheet

Add Folder: disable Add Folder button when text field is empty

Feed icons: get more icons from Feedbin; get favicons from some tricky cases

Add Feed: now allows IPv6 literal URLs

Feed discovery: give less weight to feeds with the word “podcast” in them, because they’re probably not what we want

Refreshing: fixed bug where automatic refreshing might not happening after the computer wakes from sleep

Preferences > Accounts: Renamed “Create” account button to “Add Account”

Fixed bug where a Feedbin article could stay unread right after you select it

Fixed bug where folder names with double quotes would have the quotes replaced with the HTML entity for quote

When importing from NNW 3, the app now ignores script feeds (since we don’t have that feature yet)

Fixed bug where, right after initial launch, the spacebar might not work to go to next unread article

Pressing return now opens the selected article in your browser