NetNewsWire 5.1d3: Early Test Build with Feedly Sync, Reader View, and More

NetNewsWire 5.1d3 has all kinds of good stuff in it — but it’s not a beta. It’s not even an alpha. It’s a “d” build — which means development but could just as easily mean don’t or dangerous or demons live in this here code.

If you still want it…

Check for updates — if your preferences are set for test builds — or download the latest.

Changes since 5.0.4:

  • Feedly syncing
  • Reader view
  • Notifications (configure per feed in the Info window)
  • Sandboxing
  • Multiple windows - File > New Window
  • View > Hide Read Feeds
  • View > Hide Read Articles (also a filter button above timeline for this)
  • Clean Up command (to immediately hide read articles when hide-read-articles is on)
  • Feeds view: remember expansion state between runs
  • Timeline: more compact rows (source and date on same line)
  • Timeline: sort menu on top
  • Timeline: swipe actions
  • Article view: shift-space scrolls backwards
  • AppleScript: article now has a feed property
  • Hold down shift to temporarily toggle open-in-browser in background preference
  • Article > Mark Above as Read, Mark Below as Read
  • Choose preferred browser (for viewing web pages)