NetNewsWire 5.1b2 for Mac: Turned Off Sandboxing

Important note! If you were using a previous 5.1 test build, you may have to set up your accounts again.

Or you can migrate — see the end of this post.

Either way, we apologize — this is totally inconvenient, and we didn’t want for this to happen.

This is because we turned off sandboxing in this build, and sandboxing (and turning it off) changes the location of your data.

(We turned off sandboxing due to crashes we couldn’t investigate and fix in time. We’ve postponed that feature to a later version.)

To get the latest: check for updates — if your preferences are set for test builds — or download the latest.

Changes since 5.1b1:

  • The Clean Up command now works in the All Unread smart feed
  • Sandboxing has been reverted to off

How to Migrate Your Old Data

If you were using a 5.1 test build, you can find your old data at ~/Library/Containers/com.ranchero.NetNewsWire-Evergreen/Data/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire/Accounts/

If you take that Accounts folder, and copy it into ~/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire (replacing the Accounts folder in that location), then you’ll have your data from 5.1 test builds.