NetNewsWire 6.0b1 for Mac

This is the first beta release of NetNewsWire 6! We believe the app is freakishly stable, and we’ve fixed a bunch of bugs since the earliest test builds.

It’s still a test build, though, and you should use your best judgment as to whether or not to run it.

If you’re already running a 6.0 test build, you can check for updates (be sure your prefs are set for test builds). Or you can download the latest build.

Important note: we don’t have test builds for NetNewsWire 6 for iOS yet. We’ll probably ship NetNewsWire for Mac first, and then start testing on iOS. (We realize this isn’t ideal, but it’s easier to manage. The quality of the apps is more important than the timing.)

Changes since 6.0a6:

  • Article view: fixed several layout edge cases, including with fullscreen
  • Timeline: fixed a bug scrolling up via arrow key where a row might not be fully visible when it should be