NetNewsWire 6.0b4 for Mac

This is a final candidate build. We’re hoping not to make any more code changes before shipping NetNewsWire 6.0 for Mac.

After we ship the Mac version, we will be working on iOS, and we’ll start TestFlight builds as soon as we can.

If you’re already running a 6.0 test build, you can check for updates (be sure your prefs are set for test builds). Or you can download the latest build.

Changes since 6.0b3:

  • Feedly: Deleting a feed successfully no longer shows an alert and leaves the feed in the sidebar
  • iCloud sync: fixed a bug where, in some circumstances, dragging a feed from elsewhere in the sidebar to the iCloud account could trigger the feed-finder
  • NetNewsWire will now refresh on launch if you have the Debug menu enabled
  • Article view: footnotes should now work with articles from a Feedly account