NetNewsWire 6.0.3 for Mac

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Changes since 6.0.2

  • Feedly: preserve custom feed names with Feedly when moving them between folders
  • Fixed bug where external URLs in Feedbin feeds might be lost
  • Feedly: handle API change with deleting and don’t show a spurious error
  • NewsBlur: don’t fetch articles marked hidden by NewsBlur
  • FreshRSS: add API endpoint URL example in setup form
  • iCloud: fixed bug not retaining feeds in a folder where the folder hasn’t been synced yet
  • Fixed bug where iCloud syncing could stop prematurely when the sync database has records not in the local database
  • Preferences: use full-width row style in accounts and extensions panes
  • Fixed a crashing bug triggered by running some UI code outside of main thread
  • Fixed a crashing bug that could happen when the app tries to find a feed for a website
  • Fixed a crashing bug that could happen when rendering tweets
  • Twitter extension: fixed weird bug where an extra https:/ could appear in tweet text
  • Changed how images are placed in Twitter articles so that you can better see who Tweeted the image
  • Fixed bug where words prepended with $ wouldn’t appear in Twitter feeds
  • Fixed bug where newlines would be just a space in Twitter feeds
  • Fixed bug where BazQux-synced feeds might stop updating
  • Fixed bug where favicons wouldn’t be found when a home page URL has non-ASCII characters
  • Feeds list: smart feeds remain visible despite Hide Read Feeds setting
  • Keyboard shortcuts: fixed regression where L key wouldn’t go to next unread when feed is all read