NetNewsWire 6.1b2 for Mac

Check for updates (be sure your prefs are set for test builds). Or download the latest build.

Changes since 6.0.3:

  • Article themes. Several themes ship with the app, and you can create your own. You can change the theme in Preferences or by adding the theme switcher to the toolbar
  • Copy URLs using repaired, rather than raw, feed links
  • Restore article scroll position on relaunching app
  • Added Copy Article URL and Copy External URL commands to the Edit menu
  • Fixed a bug where using cmd-Q wouldn’t always quit the app as quickly as one might prefer
  • Disallow creation of iCloud account in the app if iCloud and iCloud Drive aren’t both enabled
  • Fixed bug showing quote tweets that only included an image
  • Added a hidden pref to suppress downloading/syncing on start: defaults write com.ranchero.NetNewsWire-Evergreen DevroeSuppressSyncOnLaunch -bool true
  • Video autoplay is now disallowed
  • Article view now supports RTL layout

The big new feature coming in NetNewsWire 6.1 is article themes. That feature was a big deal in the days of NetNewsWire of Yore, and we’re psyched to be bringing it back.

The best part about article themes is that you can make your own! They’re HTML and CSS.

(The article themes feature will also be in the iOS app. We’ll have a TestFlight beta for that soon-ish, we hope.)