False Alarm! (was NetNewsWire Syncing Issue on macOS 12.3, Fix Coming Soon)

Update 2:30 pm Pacific: the below turns out to have been a false alarm, due to an error with test data, and not a syncing problem. The below is incorrect, even the parts about macOS 12.3 and SQLite.

A change to SQLite in macOS 12.3 breaks syncing of read/unread and starred statuses. This affects all syncing accounts — it affects iCloud and online services such as Feedbin and Feedly.

We have a fix for it — a one-line fix — and we will be releasing NetNewsWire 6.1 for Mac as soon as possible (hopefully today) with that fix.

This bug does not appear in iOS at this writing. However, we will be adding this fix to the iOS version too.