On Following Twitter Feeds with NetNewsWire

In NetNewsWire 6 we added the ability to follow Twitter in NetNewsWire. It’s an RSS reader, not a full-blown Twitter client, but it does allow you to follow timelines, mentions, and searches.

We have no intention of removing this feature, despite Twitter’s troubles and poor prognosis. It’s more important than ever, we believe, since it helps people find their off-ramp from Twitter.

You may not want to engage with Twitter — maybe you’ve even deleted their apps from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac — but you might still want to or need to follow mentions, for instance. Totally understandable.

In our case, we have a search feed for NetNewsWire and we follow mentions. Though we’re happiest when people use other ways to get support, they do ask us for help on Twitter, and we can’t ignore that.

And we know we’re not the only people who, as much as we don’t like it, still need to pay some attention to Twitter.

PS We’re definitely not the only RSS reader with this feature. If you’re already using, or even just looking at, another RSS reader, and you need this feature, check to see if this feature is there. Good chance it is.