Feedle: Blog Search with RSS Feeds

Back in the days of yore, there were search engine services that 1) searched the blogosphere, and 2) let you subscribe to your searches via RSS. Each search query had its own feed.

These services were great because you could get articles from outside the feeds you’ve subscribed to. Let’s say you like cats — you could have a search feed on cats and hear about cats from all quarters of the web.

It was a great idea! And super-useful. But these services all went away.

Until now — we’ve just learned about a new one called feedle.

To get a feed: go there, run a search, then click the orange RSS icon near the upper-right side of the page, then copy the RSS feed URL that appears on the left side of the screen to get something like https://feedle.world/rss/?query=cats, then add it to your RSS reader (NetNewsWire or otherwise).

Nice, right?

(The service appears to be new and ramping up. We’d bet that their index of sites to search is still growing.)