Twitter Integration To Be Removed

Because of Twitter’s announcement that free access to the Twitter API will end February 9, we will be removing Twitter integration from NetNewsWire in the next release (6.1.1) for Mac and iOS.

You might think we’re reading RSS feeds from Twitter, but Twitter removed RSS feeds from the service something like ten years ago. We rely completely on the Twitter API.

We’re planning, with this new release, to have some kind of message on first run that explains what’s happening. The plan is that it would appear only for people currently using Twitter integration.

Here’s the current draft of the message that will appear in the app:

Title: Twitter Integration Removed
Body: On February 1, 2023, Twitter announced the end of free access to the Twitter API, effective February 9.

Since Twitter does not provide RSS feeds, we’ve had to use the Twitter API. Without free access to that API, we can’t read feeds from Twitter.

We’ve left your Twitter feeds intact. If you have any starred items from those feeds, they will remain as long as you don’t delete those feeds.

You can still read whatever you have already downloaded. However, those feeds will no longer update.